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The Reason to Sell with Mack

It is always my goal to work above and beyond the expectations of my clients. When helping someone prepare to sell their home, list it on the market, and negotiate offers that come in, I make sure to educate throughout the entire process. From taking the time to explain the market conditions prior to listing to suggesting one of my trusted partners to help with your move – as one of my clients, you will feel comfortable knowing that you’re taken care of every step of the way. Almost every single property I listed for sale, sold in just a few days - for a record price. On average, my listings sold at 101% of the asking price and were only on the market for 25 days. My proven track record of delivering exceptional results has garnered rave reviews from past clients.

"I originally picked one of Mack’s partners because he’s a good guy and lived in my building, so I figured who would want to sell my place faster and for more money than an agent that actually lives in the building? When he brought Mack to that first meeting I was skeptical. I was an agent with another firm for 2 years so I have friends that are agents that wanted my listing, but Mack impressed me with his knowledge and professionalism. I was still a little worried that maybe Mack just made good first impressions, but went forward with him anyways. Mack never once let me down or disappointed me and I was continually impressed with Mack’s communication skills, knowledge, level of service and consistency. Mack deserves all of the accolades he gets and I’m positive that any buyer/seller that gets the opportunity to work with him will have the best possible experience they can have. It helps that he sold my place in 5 days for $10,000 over our list price! On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest grade, I give Mack a well-deserved 10!" - Brian Davis, Client/Seller

Part of the success in my property sales business model is due to my accessibility to many exclusive networks, savvy use of social media and advanced marketing, which help promote and oftentimes sell your property before it goes live on the market. I’m very competitive and love negotiating the best deal possible for my clients, so I’m always monitoring the market to make sure I know our position and what moves we may need to make.

If you are considering selling, have questions about your local market conditions, or want to know the value of your home –let’s talk! I assure you that you will receive the highest price in the shortest amount of time when working with me. I am fully immersed in the world of real estate and have incorporated it in to all aspects of my life, 24/7. Contact me today to schedule a meeting!

The Reason to Buy with Mack

From first time home buyers to savvy real estate investors, I have helped many clients find the property that best fits their needs while at the same time protecting their investment by being well-versed in the Chicago real estate market. Understanding the inventory of homes on the market and the amount of time my clients can expect to spend looking for a home due to that inventory is a crucial part of the buying process, and I enjoy sharing that knowledge and information with each of my buyers.
If inventory is low, I have a massive network of sellers and agents that allow me to find off-market properties and win multiple offer situations for my clients. If we still cannot find the home of your dreams within the inventory on the market, I am no stranger to getting on the phone and calling property owners to see if they would be interested in selling. I’m very competitive and love finding and negotiating the best deal possible for my clients.

When working with me to find your new home, you can be sure to have the guidance, education, and negotiating power you need to get the home you want. My proven track record of delivering exceptional results leaves clients feeling as though they’ve made a wise investment for their future.

"Mack is amazing! I could not have had a better broker than Mack. He listened to exactly what I was looking for and provided advice tailored specifically to my situation. Mack helped us navigate through the entire process from the very beginning until we found the perfect place. Mack is a straight up professional and is completely honest. He will not talk up a place just to get a sale. You can count on Mack to get you what you want because he puts the customer first and knows the business inside and out. Anybody looking to buy or sell a property cannot go wrong working with Mack. I highly recommend him! I could not have had a better experience." – Chris Murphy, Client/Buyer

Knowing that buying a new home can get overwhelming, I make sure to get to know each of my clients, listening to what they are looking for in a home and preparing them for each step in the home buying process starting with our first meeting and continuing through closing.

If you are considering buying, have questions about your local market inventory, or want to know how to prep to buy a home – let’s talk - the best part is, it’s FREE! I am fully immersed in the world of real estate and have incorporated it into all aspects of my life, 24/7. Contact me today to schedule a meeting!

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